Principal Optical Thin Films Engineer

Technical subject matter expert responsible for the design and development of state of the art Optical Thin-Films from concept to production phase.
Designs will be for a broad and diverse range of optics and optical applications, involving a wide range of substrate materials(glass/ceramics and polycrystalline ceramics), shape and size (up to meter class) and wavelengths (DUV, Visible and IR).
Identify and create new technical capabilities and opportunities for Zygo/Ametek.
Provide technical guidance and support in the bid and proposal phase of Optical Thin-Films to both internal and external customers.
Develop and implement project plans that include: Optical thin-film design and development, deposition process definition and optimization, thin-film metrology definition and new equipment definition and implementation.
Communicate with management as a subject matter expert by defining required capabilities and providing roadmaps to support new opportunities.
Responsible for continuous communication with internal and external customers on projects.

Don't Be Fooled

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